Use the Drop-down menu above to select a tournament or group of tournaments to view.

Tournament Draws

The "Sunburst" chart provides a compact and interactive view of a Tennis Draw.

Tournaments progress from the outer ring towards the center. Players and Match outcomes are displayed when hovering over or clicking on each segment of the sunburst. All of the countries represented in a draw are visible in the center of the Sunburst. Selecting a flag displays the locations in the draw and final round played for each player from that country. Selecting the center of the Sunburst provides a "heatmap" view of match intensities based on the number of games played.

Clicking anywhere on the chart "freezes" the display, disabling changes in highlighting; a second click "unfreezes."

Tournament Bursts

Seeded players are positioned as follows: #1 top, #2 bottom, #3 left, #4 right; #5 right, #6 bottom, #7 top, #8 left.

Seeded players range in color from light Blue to Purple. Qualifying players range from yellow to orange. Players who received a "Wild Card" appear in Red (not to be confused with the Heatmap view described above). All other players range from light to dark green.

Tournament Bursts

When there is no seeding a full palette of colors is used to differentiate players.